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Interior design schemes for businesses

Mavi-Kaluste RTK-Palvelu kokoushuone

Leena Pietilä has created interior design schemes enhancing the company image for many businesses.

The lobby and the meeting room of RTK-Palvelu (a property management and cleaning services company) have been given the finishing touches with framed decorative textile prints tailor-made for the company.

The showrooms of MaVi-Kaluste (a business selling kitchen fixtures and domestic appliances) have been brightened up with framed textile prints.

Leena Pietilä has created a new look for the meeting room of Leimet Oy (a family-owned company operating in the metal sector). The furniture has been chosen in accordance with the company’s colour palette. The designer has created framed prints depicting the company’s products, and the personalized curtains also feature elements typical of the company.

RTK-Palvelu aula
Leimet kokoushuone Leimet kokoushuone
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